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Ride with Pancho Villa’s Army

So you want to be a member of Villa’s Army? You think you can ride with El General? Well you do not become a member, you ENLIST in Villa’s Army. Why? Because an enlistment is a commitment, our ‘soldados’ are committed and dedicated supporters. We are passionate, loud, and proud.

Enlistment Oath

You pledge respect the national anthem of Mexico and any opponent El Tri faces in competition.
You pledge to organize in your city and promote El Tri and Villa’s Army at the local and national level.
You pledge to support El Tri and Villa’s Army in a non-violent manner. You will respect yourself and the opposing team’s fans with all your actions.
You pledge to 'Follow' Villa’s Army on Twitter and 'Like' Villa’s Army’s Facebook page.
You pledge to engage fellow Villa’s Army ‘soldados’ via social network by discussing articles, news, and blogs posted by Villa’s Army.

Ride with Pancho Villa, Enlist today! Only $39.99 Yearly Recurring Membership! 

One Year Recurring Membership Includes: ..Yearly T-Shirt, Scarf, Dog Tag, and Battle Rag!!

$60.00 worth of Pancho Villa's Army Gear for only $39.99*.
*T Shirt Sizes Only Adult S-2XL*
  • The pride and honor of riding with Pancho Villa and the Army at local and national events.
  • Discounted tickets and travel packages, and access to Villa’s Army events, tailgates, sponsored events, etc.
  • Exclusive access to our members only message board where important news will be announced.
  • Exclusive access to our APP. 
  • Discounts on exclusive Villa’s Army merchandise.
  • Discounts on from our exclusive partners.
  • Voting rights on important Villa’s Army decision, both at local and national level.
  • As we grow many more partners will join our ranks and provide great benefits to Villa’s Army members.
  • Yearly Membership Tags.
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$39.99 for one year membership fee.

$7.00 for shipping & handling added to total.